HVAC Rebate FAQs

What is the rebate program?

Rebate program is designed for BPUB electric residential and small business customers only. Applicants for rebates must be a rental property owner, home owner, or small business owner. BPUB will not compensate the contractor for installation or any additional service. No lease to purchase or leased equipment will qualify for rebate. All equipment must be purchased. Applications for rebate must be received by BPUB within thirty (30) days of equipment installation. Address on account must match the address of installation. BPUB is not responsible for equipment warranty.

What units will qualify?

Central air conditioning units, central heat pumps, split systems, and packaged units with a SEER rating of 15 or above; ENERGY STAR® window or wall mounted air conditioning units. Rebate amount is dependent on the SEER rating of the central air conditioning unit and heat pump (see Table-A). The rebate amount for a window air conditioning unit is dependent on the BTU/hr ratio (see Table-B). Installation and efficiency of all central air conditioning and heat pump systems must be verified by a third-party rater.

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How can I participate?

Read the terms of the BPUB A/C Rebate Program carefully.
Require that your contractor complete and provide you with a Manual J.
Install or retrofit energy efficient air conditioner or heat pump with a TACL licensed contractor/ installer, excluding window or wall-mounted units. Have a third party rater verify the correct size of the unit(s), correct installation and efficiency of duct work.
Fill out the BPUB A/C Rebate Program application and submit it to the address, fax or email on the agreement along with the AHRI certificate, Manual J, and equipment invoice.
Call (956) 983-6282 or E-mail to verify that your application was received.

What is a rater?

Home Energy Raters (also known as HERS raters) are trained and certified through the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) to assign homes a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score and has the ability to verify the installation and efficiency of a central air conditioning and heat pump system through various tests and measures.

Why do I have to have a rater verify my central air conditioning and heat pump system after it is installed?

The rater will ensure your air conditioning or heat pump unit is properly sized for your home or place of business and ensure that your duct work is efficient. If the unit is over-sized it will not properly cool your home or place of business, will not properly remove humidity from the air, and not be energy efficient. The rater will also verify your duct work. The duct work distributes the air from your air conditioner or heat pump to the different areas of your home or place of business. If the duct work leaks, your home or business will not properly cool or heat and force your unit to work harder. Proper sizing of air conditioning units and heat pumps and proper duct work will save energy and save you money.

The rater will be paid for by BPUB, for the first inspection only. When and only when the installation of the unit(s), the sizing of the unit(s), and the duct work is verified as energy efficient by the rater, will the application be submitted to BPUB by the homeowner or small business owner and the rebate will be issued to the homeowner or small business owner. If the home does not meet the standards of the rater due to inadequate sizing of the air conditioning unit(s), installation, or duct work, the homeowner must address the issue(s) and consult with their air conditioning contractor. Once the matter is resolved between the homeowner or small business owner with the air conditioning contractor only and problem areas identified by the rater have been resolved, the rater will inspect the air conditioning system and duct work again, at the cost of the homeowner or small business owner. Then and only then shall the application submittal process to BPUB begin

What is a Manual J?

Manual J, "Residential Load Calculation," published by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), is the recommended method for sizing air conditioning units in the United States. Homeowners and small business owners should insist that contractors use a correct sizing calculation before signing a contract. Correct system sizing requires considering many factors other than simply reading the nameplate of the existing unit. Key factors for correctly sizing a heating and cooling system include the following:

The local climate
Size, shape, and orientation of the house or business
Insulation levels
Window area, location, and type
Air infiltration rates
The number and ages of occupants
Occupant comfort preferences
The types and efficiency of lights and major home appliances (which give off heat).

What should I ask of my air conditioning contractor?

Inquire about warranty of equipment and quality of work. Ask your air contractor/ installer to provide you with a Manual J. It may be in your best interest that you make your air conditioning contractor aware that a third party rater will be verifying the sizing and installation of your air conditioning or heat pump system.

What are the efficiency requirements for central air systems?

Central air conditioning units and heat pumps with a maximum five (5) tons or less must meet minimum standards of a 15 SEER rating or greater Split systems must be matched sets, as documented by manufacturer data sheets or an AHRI reference number. All units must have ratings that can be verified as AHRI Verified Equipment. Please refer to the rebate chart for the amount of the rebate.

What are the efficiency requirements of wall and window mounted air conditioning units?

Window and wall-mounted air conditioning units must be ENERGY STAR certified units. Confirmation must be made with seller.

Who applies for the rebate and receives payment?

Rebate recipient must be a current customer of BPUB electric services. Applications are subject to verification. If the verification cannot be completed, the rebate will not be paid. Applications must be completed and submitted within thirty (30) days of installation of unit. Please allow 3-6 weeks after receipt of all documentation for the rebate to be issued.

What is the amount of my rebate?

Rebate amount is based on the AHRI published efficiency ratio – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Both the evaporator coil (inside unit) and the condensing unit (outside unit) must be replaced as a matching system as rated in the Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute. AHRI reference number must be noted on the application. Program may be discontinued by BPUB at anytime. See Table A and Table B for rebate amounts.

How do I submit my completed application and supplemental information?

Mail or Deliver to: BPUB Energy Conservation Coordinator, 1425 Robinhood Drive, Brownsville, Texas 78523-3270. You may also E-Mail copies to [email protected].

Will rebates be available at all times?

Rebates are contingent upon fund availability and are on a first-come-first-served basis. When funds are depleted rebates will not be awarded. Sorry, there are no rain checks.

Where can I get more information?

Call (956) 983-6282 or e-mail [email protected]