Water/Wastewater System

Access to clean water is crucial for any community to thrive. BPUB operates three water treatment plants that can supply 50 million gallons of treated water daily, which is more than enough to meet the city's peak demand and cater to a population of over 150,000. With a focus on environmentally conscious water conservation programs and capital improvement projects, BPUB supports Brownsville's continued growth.

The raw water system draws water from the Rio Grande. It comprises a river rock weir, a river pump station, two reservoirs with a total capacity of 186.6 million gallons, and a raw water transport system. BPUB's three water treatment plants ensure that drinking water is safe and reliable. The two surface water plants can provide 40 million gallons daily, with a 20 MGD treatment capacity.

BPUB owns 92.91% of the Southmost Regional Water Authority (SRWA) brackish groundwater treatment facility, a 10.0 MGD reverse osmosis desalination plant. The SRWA plant includes a 7.5 million-gallon storage tank.

In addition, two clear wells around the city can store 6.85 million gallons of water, and three elevated storage tanks can store 6 million gallons of water at a higher elevation. The distribution system comprises 699 miles of transmission and distribution mains and three high-service pumping stations.

BPUB follows the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulations to maintain superior water quality.

About BPUB's Wastewater System

The wastewater system includes gravity collection lines, 200 pumping stations, and two treatment plants. The Robindale Wastewater Treatment Facility and the Southside Wastewater Treatment Facility receive wastewater through pumping stations and associated force mains.

This system serves approximately 53,000 customers and contributes 13% of BPUB's total operating revenues annually.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regulate the wastewater system to ensure the facilities' proper operation and the quality of the wastewater plants' effluent.