Winter Weather Preparation Tips

Don't be caught off guard, prepare for winter weather.

  • Prepare an emergency plan. If you have medical equipment that requires electricity or medicines that need refrigeration, plan for a backup source of energy. You can find plan ideas at
  • Follow BPUB on social media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Sign up for local alerts through the City of Brownsville: Get Alerts
  • Make sure to fully charge all electronic devices and devices' battery chargers.
  • Have account numbers and important contact information readily available.
  • Visit our outage center to learn more about the types of outages and how BPUB works to restore them.

During the storm

  • Make sure to follow these safety tips.
  • Be prepared for possible power outages.
  • Follow instructions and safety warnings from local officials.

After the storm

  • Continue to monitor communication channels for current news and alerts.
  • Check your home for damage to ensure your location is safe.
  • Only drive if necessary, if you see our utility crew working remember to move over or slow down.

Track Electricity Demand

How to Track Electricity Demand: