Residential Bill Estimator

On May 3, 2022, the Brownsville City Commission voted on a series of rate adjustments for electric, water and wastewater utility services. BPUB's Residential Bill Estimator can help customers estimate the monthly bill for their homes. The estimates provided by this tool are based on the typical residential customer within city limits. Simply input your average electric, water or wastewater usage, and the tool will calculate your estimated bill charges. To assist you with finding the information you'll need, we've provided a How to Read Your Bill guide.

Having the right knowledge can help you reduce your bill!

There are ways to save on your bill. See our Green Rebate Programs & Energy Tips.

Visit our Home Energy Suite to calculate your home's efficiency and get tips on how to save on your bill.

DISCLAIMER : * BPUB's bill estimation tool should be used for informational purposes only. The amounts shown here are energy charges (kWh) and estimated fuel adjustment only and water and wastewater charges based on usage. All figures provided by BPUB through this tool are only estimates. Estimates are subject to change and do not represent an offer or guarantee for future costs of service.