Drought Information and Resources

As drought conditions worsen, BPUB is prepared to meet customers’ needs by ensuring a reliable water supply in all our service areas; these efforts include:

  • Identifying and repairing leaks through a Water Loss Auditing
  • Implement programs that maximize water savings for all our customers
  • Work with local organizations to educate the public on the current drought conditions and water conservation efforts

We encourage customers to do their part by utilizing our industry-leading conservation program to save daily water. These resources include:

Drought Response Overview

BPUB uses watering rules and restrictions established by the Drought Contingency Plan to proactively manage the region’s water resources. The rules & restrictions limit water use based on specific levels of the Falcon/Amistad Resivours or during other water system emergencies.

Apply for Landscape Variance

Variances must be acquired from BPUB to water new landscapes outside the landscape irrigation schedule. Landscape irrigation variances must be submitted to BPUB via the BPUB website.

Report Water Use Restrictions

Freshwater is a finite resource, and the following restriction under Stage 2 will delay the need to implement more expansive rules under BPUB's Drought Contingency Plan. Report any water restrictions not being followed to ensure we preserve the vital resource.

Have more questions?

BPUB's Drought Contingency Plan details all the restrictions outlined in each stage. However, we understand that customers may have additional questions that may not be directly addressed in the plan. Read through our FAQs.

Every drop counts...

Water is a precious resource, and the strain on our water resources increases with long periods of drought and increased demand.

We want to encourage residents to conserve water as we strive to provide Brownsville with the highest water quality. Do your part and become water conscience.

Latest Updates

Rescinds Stage 2 Water Restrictions; Stage 1 Still in Effect

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) announced the termination of water restrictions under Stage 2 of the Drought Contingency Plan effective Jan. 13, 2023. Restrictions imposed under Stage 1 will remain in effect.

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Help us spread the word

We want to encourage our community to continue to conserve water, but we can’t do this alone. Help us spread the word about water conservation. We have provided a water conservation tool kit for customers and business to share on social media.

For more tips and updates about Brownsville's current water conditions and water use restrictions, follow us on social media.