Tenaska Equity Fund Distribution FAQs

On May 2, The city of Brownsville Commission approved a Tenaska Equity Fund (TEF) distribution plan.

The TEF includes $29 million collected from April 2013 to September 2016 for anticipated costs during the Tenaska Project's construction phase, plus interest earned through March 2023, bringing the total to $31.35 million.

BPUB will refund its electric customers within the April 2013 through September 2016 TEF timeframe based on electric consumption. This will ensure that customers get back what they paid into the TEF. BPUB will issue an additional credit to the customer foregoing the city of Brownsville's and BPUB's allocated refunds, which total an additional $1.6 million.

  • Customers between April 2013 and September 2016 will see a consumption-based credit on the electric portion of their bill labeled as "Tenaska Equity Fund Refund." Former customers will receive their refunds via check in accordance with BPUB policies.
  • Active account holders, as of May 1, 2023, will receive an additional fixed refund labeled "City & BPUB TEF Allocation," totaling $48.91.

For account-related questions specific to the refund, customers should call BPUB's Customer Service Department at (956)-983-6121. Below are frequently asked questions about the distribution of the TEF. For additional inquiries regarding the distribution of the TEF, email [email protected].