Cross-connection and Backflow Prevention

BPUB's Cross-connection and Backflow Prevention Program enforces state and local backflow regulations.

We all depend on having safe drinking water as close as our faucets, but a common plumbing problem, "backflow," can pose serious community health risks.

Today, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the city of Brownsville require that any actual or potential cross-connections be protected from backflow.

Annual Testing Requiremetns

BPUB Cross-connection and Backflow Prevention Program requires annual testing of backflow prevention assemblies.

BPUB will send out notification letters regarding the annual testing of external and internal backflow assemblies at commercial and residential sites. To satisfy testing requirements, customers must complete the following:

Hire a licensed tester to conduct the test.

  • A licensed backflow prevention assembly tester must perform an irrigation backflow prevention assembly testing.
  • A licensed fireline tester must test a backflow assembly on a "fireline" service.
  • All testing must be coordinated between the customer and the tester.

The tester will complete a Test & Maintenance Report (T & M) for each backflow assembly on the premise.

If the test reveals that the assembly is not operating satisfactorily, necessary repairs must be made to resolve the issue(s) with the backflow prevention assembly. The assembly then will need to be retested by the tester. All backflow prevention assemblies should be able to satisfy all testing requirements at all times.

Backflow Prevention Devices

Need more information?

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