Solar Screens and Films

Window Solar Screens and Films

Solar Screen Application

Direct sunlight through windows transfers heat to the inside of your home. Controlling direct sunlight through windows can block direct heat gain from the sun shining through glass. Solar screens and films help to reduce heat transfer and to reduce heating and cooling costs while increasing home comfort and reducing glare.

Program Guidelines

  • $1 per square foot installed will be rebated as much as $500
  • Only windows installed in a conditioned space will qualify
  • Solar screens and films must block at least 65% of the Solar Heat Gain (SHG)
  • Contractor's data on the reflectivity of window tints must be included with the application along with the contractor's installation receipt, itemizing total area of equipment installed, product identifiers and performance rating specifications
  • Please include pictures of windows on the east and west side of the home with application and invoice
  • Call (956) 983-6282 or email to verify your application was received.