BPUB is a municipally owned utility that provides electric, water and wastewater services to more than  50,000 customers in and around Brownsville, Texas. Learn more about BPUB's service territory.

Number of Electric Customers
Number of Water Customers
Number of Wastewater Customers

Service Area

square miles


Silas Ray Power Plant: 100% ownership natural gas: 115 MW

Hidalgo Energy Center: 21% ownership natural gas: 105 MW

Sendero Wind Farm: 100% owned output wind: 34 MW with 78 MW maximum capacity

Power Purchase Agreements: Combined Generation wind: 34 MW natural gas: 23 MW total: 57 MW

ERCOT membership


1,940 miles of distribution lines

139.4 miles of transmission lines



Treatments Plants

WTP 1: 100% ownership Traditional - 20 MGD

WTP 2: 100% ownership  Traditional - 20 MGD

SRWA: 92.91% ownership Reverse osmosis - 10 MGD

Treatments Plants

South WWTP: Traditional - 12.8 MGD

Robindale WWTP: Ultraviolet - 14.5 MGD

Lift Sation