BPUB customers considering installing solar systems in their homes should get familiarized with the pros and cons of private commercial and residential equipment and how it integrates into the BPUB electrical distribution system. Read our Solar Education Course to see if solar is right for you.

BPUB offers FREE evaluations for residential solar proposals. It is important to note that BPUB does not endorse ANY Solar vendors. Get in touch with one of our specialists today. Get in touch with one of our specialists today.

Solar Education Course

Learning About Solar Power

Solar power is a growing energy sector. As such, BPUB wants to make sure that its customers know a little bit about how solar power works. A growing number of BPUB customers are interested in solar, and knowing a little more about it can go a long way.

How BPUB Buys Solar Power

Because residential solar power is still a relatively new sector, not all utilities use the same programs to purchase electricity from customers.

Potential solar customers might hear of terms like net metering when shopping for a system. Under net metering, the electricity produced by the consumer is equal to the electricity received from a utility at the going market rate. Net metering isn't the buy-back program that BPUB uses.

Instead, BPUB implemented a "buy all, sell all" program. If a customer sends unused energy back into the electrical grid, BPUB will purchase it at the rate of the Fuel and Purchase Energy Charge (FPEC). The FPEC represents the cost of the various fuel sources that BPUB purchases to provide power to customers, such as natural gas, coal, wind and solar. In that way, solar customers are being treated similarly to other power providers.

Click here to learn more about FPEC and see the current BPUB rate.

Home Efficiency

Whether you're considering solar or not, the first thing that you want to do is look at how energy efficient your home is. Making your home energy-efficient helps reduce your energy consumption, resulting in cost savings on your utility bill.

Making changes in your home will also lead to the energy you use not going to waste. Things such as HVAC or a central air unit, attic insulation and the type of windows you have can affect your overall consumption. The Department of Energy recommends energy-efficient upgrades to complement solar energy.

Ways to Save

BPUB has a comprehensive rebate program to incentivize customers to use energy more efficiently. For more information about BPUB's rebate program, visit the GoGreen Rebate program or call 956-983-6282. Customers looking for more ways to make their homes more energy efficient should visit the BPUB Home Energy Suite, which allows customers to input different variables to discover what would have the most significant impact.

Shopping for Solar
A Closer Look
Key Solar Terms

More Questions?

BPUB is here to answer any questions you might have about adding solar to your home. Click the link to reach one of our solar specialists.