Corporate Reports

BPUB is committed to providing our community with reliable, affordable, sustainable energy solutions. We are proud to offer a wide range of services that help our customers achieve their energy goals while reducing their environmental impact.

Financial Reports:

BPUB takes financial transparency seriously. We believe providing our customers with timely and accurate information about our financial performance is essential. We publish our financial reports annually and make them available to the public, providing a comprehensive overview of our financial activities.

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Integrated Resource Plans:

BPUB's integrated resource plans are essential to ensure we provide reliable and sustainable power to our customers. These plans are a comprehensive approach to determining the most cost-effective and efficient ways to meet our customers' energy needs. Our plans are developed through a thorough and collaborative process that involves stakeholders, regulators, and other parties.

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Annual Reports:

Our annual reports provide a comprehensive insight into our financial performance, strategic initiatives, and community engagements over the years.

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