Press Releases

Outage Update 4:00 am

BPUB had six outages impacting about 1654 customers. BPUB has restored all 1654 in the following areas:

Military Hwy; Colonia Galaxia; San Felipe Dr; Calle Pluton; Calle Galaxia; Captain Basler; El Mar St; El Brillo St; Ruben M Torres; Hacienda West subdivision; Colorado North St; Alamosa Dr; FM 1421; Rancho Simpatico subdivision; Wild Horse Trl; Tortuga Trl. Outage Start Time: 8:58 pm Outage Restored Time: 1:43:00 AM

Avenida del Palacio. Outage Start Time: 9:18 pm Outage Restored Time: 12:10 am

Ruben Torres Blvd; N Central Ave; Towerwood Dr; Commercial Dr; Mar St; San Luis Dr; San Mateo Dr; San Francisco Dr; Wild Bird Ln; Lourdes Blvd; Grande Blvd; Madeira Beach Ln, Padre Island Hwy; N Illinois Ave; Ted Hunt Dr and surrounding streets. Outage Start Time: 9:58 pm Outage Restored Time: 12:11 am

Heron Cove; Wild Bird Ln. Outage Start Time: 10:02 pm Outage Restored Time: 12:11 am

Lourdes Blvd; Penjamo St; Jimenez St; Escobedo St; Yera St. Outage Start Time: 10:04 pm Outage Restored Time: 12:11 am

Port of Brownsville (Capt Donald Foust & RL Ostos); N Indiana, Milo Rd, David Shore Dr, Windhause Rd, Mineral Loop and surrounding streets. Outage Start Time: 3:13 am Outage Restored Time: 3:13 am

If a customer experiences a prolonged outage, we urge them to report any prolonged outages using our online reporting tool or by calling 956-983-6300.

These are local outages and are not related to state grid conditions.

We thank our customers for their patience.