Press Releases

Outage Report Update 4:00 am:

BPUB had eight outages affecting about 450 customers. BPUB has restored 112 customers, with 338 remaining. The outages occurred in the following areas:

Jaime J Zapata
Outage Start Time: 10:31 PM Outage End Time: 1:00 AM
Cause: Bad Transformer

Rustic Manor Dr, Whisperwind Way
Outage Start Time: 11:31 PM Outage End Time: 4:10 AM
Cause: Replaced 20A fuse

W Van Buren St, Palm Blvd, W 1st St
Outage Start Time: 12:25 AM Outage End Time: No ETA
Cause: Unknown

Crepe Myrtl Crossing, Orchid Path
Outage Start Time: 12:34 PM Outage End Time: No ETA
Cause: Unknown

Greenhaven Dr, Tranquil Trl, Fleet St, Sweet St, Deer Trl
Outage Start Time: 1:09 AM Outage End Time: 3:02 AM
Cause: Bad Transformer

French St, San Rafael St, Santa Elena St, German St, English St
Outage Start Time: 1:14 AM Outage End Time: No ETA
Cause: Unknown

If a customer experiences a prolonged outage, we urge them to report any prolonged outages using our online reporting tool or by calling 956-983-6300.

These are local outages and are not related to state grid conditions.

We thank our customers for their patience.