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Broadband Planning for Brownsville

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB), in partnership with seven strategic local stakeholders (City of Brownsville, Port of Brownsville, Texas Southmost College, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation, Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation, and Brownsville Independent School District) announce a new campaign to bring faster internet access to Brownsville residents.

To kick off the initiative, the city of Brownsville is encouraging all residents to take a survey to help prioritize areas that need better internet connection. The survey is available online at

Residents and stakeholders will be able to take the survey using a cell phone, tablet, or computer from any connected location. However, those that can complete the survey from their home or business address are strongly encouraged to do so. For those that can take the survey from home, there is an optional speed test component that will help planners map current accessibility across the community more accurately.

“During these challenging times, access and affordability factors are more important than ever before. As we think about technology advancements in our community, we need to plan with citizen needs prioritized,” Mayor Trey Mendez said. “There is a lot of benefit that comes with high speed internet connectivity. We need to be thinking carefully about how to ensure our citizens have access to telehealth, remote learning, e-commerce, e-government, smart home technology, and other important services that will help our community thrive. I am excited that so many community organizations have stepped up to partner with the city and prioritize this initiative”

As information from the survey is gathered in the months ahead, it will be overlayed with infrastructure data to help planners identify the best paths, patterns, and opportunities that can be leveraged from additional infrastructure development. The deadline to complete the survey for residents is at the end of this year. Planning efforts will begin as soon as actionable patterns begin to emerge from the community response.

“The Brownsville Public Utilities Board wants to see the city of Brownsville continue to succeed in these rapidly changing times. We know the importance of having a strong infrastructure to support its citizens and see the investment in broadband for the city as an investment in the continued success of Brownsville and its residents,” said BPUB General Manager & CEO John. S. Bruciak.