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BPUB Service Outage Update 6 p.m.

BROWNSVILLE, Texas – The following is an update on power outages within the Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) system related to damage caused by the weather or other issues not associated with rotating outages.

Area Number of customers Cause Estimated restoration time
Winnipeg and Rancho Viejo 900 Need to replace distribution switchgear Approximately
3 hours
Dennet 10 Need to replace pedestal Approximately
3 hours
Barnard Apartments 40 Possible overloaded line Approximately
2 hours
700 Continental 100 Possible overloaded line Approximately
.5 hours
La Entrada (Alta Mesa) 150 Possible overloaded line Approximately
2 hours


BPUB is asking for customers to help by turning off their heaters and unplugging any equipment that they are able when they experience a power outage. Doing so should aid in getting customers restored once power is available.

Attempts to restore electrical service to certain areas have been unsuccessful because of the sudden demand for a large amount of electricity once the area is re-energized. By unplugging or turning off equipment while experiencing an outage, this helps prevent that sudden surge of electrical demand and should allow additional customers to regain service.

BPUB recommends that customers without power unplug devices and ensure their thermostat is turned off. Once service is restored, BPUB asks that customers slowly plug back in equipment and turn things on but to still try to limit use to essential activities.