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BPUB Restoring Service Outages – 6:00 p.m. Update

BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Right now, Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) crews are out in the field restoring electricity to customers who lost power due to equipment-related service issues.

Crews are troubleshooting the areas affected and will be providing an estimated time of restoration as soon as it becomes available.

In the meantime, customers can help by unplugging or turning off equipment while experiencing an outage. As repairs are completed, this should make it easier to get customers restored by preventing a sudden demand for a large amount of electricity once the area is re-energized.

BPUB customers can report power outages or service outages by going to or at (956) 983-6300. BPUB will keep providing information throughout the emergency. Updates will also be available on the BPUB website at, Facebook at and Twitter at There will also be ongoing updates on KXIQ 105.1 FM.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation during this time.

Customers Restored between 6:00 am (2/20/21) and 6:00 pm (2/20/21)
Total 626
Customers Without Power
Total 18
Location Number of Customers
Primrose Ln 1
N Indiana Ave 1
Mildred St 1
E Jackson St 1
Morningside Rd 2
E Los Ebanos Blvd 2
Toya Ln 2
E Monroe 2
Elizabeth 2
Ringgold St 2
W Fronton St 2

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