Renewable Energy


Renewable Energy IMG 1BPUB is learning more about renewable energy sources through its hybrid renewable energy system. The solar and wind generation project serves as an educational tool not only for the utility but for the community as well.

This energy system is located toward the back of the BPUB Administration Building. It consists of a wind turbine and a solar array that both produce energy. BPUB wanted to better understand renewable generation performance and costs.

The community can track just how much energy is produced through this project by going to BPUB’s real-time energy monitoring website: This site provides detailed information on how much energy is being output, along with how much energy has been produced for the day, the week, the month, even the lifetime of the project. 

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The data allow users to evaluate cost savings of various renewable generation system configurations and also calculate payback on their investments.

Interested in installing a Photovoltaic System (solar panels) in your home or small business. Download our checklist for solar panel installation. BPUB does not offer any rebates for solar installation, but does offer a buyback program. Through this program BPUB will buyback any excess power produced by the photovoltaic system that the customer does not use and send back to the electrical grid. The excess power is purchased at the current fuel and energy cost.

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