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BPUB Crews Performing Inspections After Midtown Outages

BROWNSVILLE, TX — Crews from the Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) are busy making inspections and replacing equipment after a section of Central Brownsville experienced recent power outages. BPUB apologizes for any inconvenience these outages have caused these customers.

In response to these outages, BPUB crews and technicians have made it their priority to thoroughly troubleshoot and replace equipment along this circuit while doing their work in a safe manner. Crews have taken a number of repair steps, including replacement of major equipment components within the substation located off FM 802. Every pole in the affected area was inspected, and a number of insulators were replaced to eliminate that as a possible cause.

Further, one of the outages was caused by birds roosting on power lines. Crews installed devices, called bird guards, to keep birds from creating future problems. BPUB will continue to install more of these devices. The most recent outage, which most customers likely experienced as a blink in electrical service, was caused when another utility’s line fell on one of BPUB’s power lines. BPUB is working with the other utility to safeguard its power lines and allow the other utility to work safely on their lines.

BPUB understands the frustrations that customers might have and apologizes for any inconvenience these outages might have caused. BPUB crews will continue to take corrective action to improve the reliability of this circuit and will apply what is learned to other circuits.

If customers have any questions or concerns, they should call (956) 983-6121. In case of an outage, customers can call (956) 983-6300 or use BPUB’s outage notification application.