Energy Tracker

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) is proud to offer a new and improved web-based load profiling service for our key commercial clients.

The program, called My Energy Tracker, will offer secure, detailed 15-minute interval load profile data (KW, kVar, kWh) via the internet.

A few of the new features include:

Customized Rate Engine

A comprehensive rate engine will model any BPUB rate and calculate costs based upon actual load.  This feature will also allow users to see the future impacts of changing rates, providing an opportunity to be proactive in dealing with rising energy costs.

Customized Notifications

Limits can now be set that will allow users to be notified the next day when thresholds are crossed.  Users will also have the ability to have daily and/or monthly reports automatically sent to their e-mail and/or mobile phones.  This will save time and eliminate the need to login to the service and access consumption information.

“What-if” Analysis

Conduct “what-if” analysis to determine actual savings from various load reduction or peak shaving activities.

Easy Reporting

Export consumption information in common data formats, such as Microsoft Excel, for easy reporting.

Overlay Data

My Energy Tracker will pull weather data from local AccuWeather stations and make it available to users to help determine if usage was weather-related.  In addition, the system will provide an option to users to see what their facility’s load may look like based on the AccuWeather forecast over the next five (5) day period.

Other data, such as units produced, occupancy rates, etc., can easily be incorporated into the system to see the correlation between the data and load.