Environmental Commitment


Environmental Responsibility


The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) is committed to maintaining the environmental health of Brownsville’s community. As such, BPUB adopted an Environmental Stewardship policy in 2003 to address environmental issues, support environmental initiatives, and demonstrate social responsibility. You may access the policy by clicking here.

BPUB consistently meets or exceeds federal and state mandates. Maintaining our air quality, preserving our drinking water quality, recycling, and waste minimization are some of the priorities BPUB has embarked on to demonstrate environmental leadership.

Environmental Initiatives


SRWA: The Southmost Regional Water Authority (SRWA) provides treated brackish water (salty groundwater) for the Southern Cameron County region. This project also provides an alternative water supply source away from the Rio Grande for the majority of the SRWA partners.


Resaca Restoration Project - Learn about BPUB’s Resaca Restoration Project, which aims to dredge the main resacas in Brownsville and increase water storage capacity.


Trade-a-Tree Program - Trees help conserve energy and lower home energy costs. Learn how BPUB can help when your tree is directly under a power line.