Sendero Wind Farm


The Sendero Wind Farm in Hebbronville, Texas, is now online and bringing power to Brownsville residents. Located on approximately 20,000 acres in Jim Hogg and Zapata counties in South Texas, the facility was constructed by Exelon Corp and is Exelon’s 11th Texas wind project. The wind farm is capable of producing 78 megawatts of electricity. According to ERCOT, one megawatt is capable of powering as many as 200 homes during peak demand. While the facility is located miles from Brownsville, there are certain advantages to this location.

Sendero Wind Farm – at a glance


78 megawatts (MW)


Jim Hogg and Zapata counties, TX

Site Footprint

Approximately 20,000 acres


General Electric 116-meter rotor, 2.0 MW wind turbine

Number of turbines


Turbine height

80 meters or 262 feet

Completion date

December 2015

Distance from Brownsville

Approximately 150 miles


Wind Energy Terms

Turbine: A turbine converts kinetic energy from the wind into electrical power.
Rotor: A rotor includes three blades, a hub and a spinner, this device converts wind energy into a rotation.
Blade: The blades catch the wind and use it to rotate the shaft of a generator.
Nacelle: A box-like component that houses the generator, gearbox, drive train and brake assembly.
Generator: A device that uses energy to produce electricity.
Gearbox: A device that increases rotational speed to the point where electricity is able to be produced.
Brake assembly: The brake assembly stops a wind turbine from rotating in the event of an emergency or when wind gusts are too strong.
Yaw drive: A device capable of orienting a wind turbine to keep it facing the direction of the wind.
Anemometer: A device that measures wind speed and transmits data to controller.
Controller: The controller starts and stops the wind turbine.
Wind vane: A device that measures wind direction and communicates with yaw drive to orient the turbine toward the wind.